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Wegital branding and website:
Modular innovation for companies.

Explore all services at a glance.

We based on the brand attributes to build the entire web with modular pieces that would adapt to the needs ofeach one of the sections.

Projects that are modulated.

Wegital team changes and coordinates differentely to adapt each project needs. This page is a visual metaphor for their philosophy.

All the pieces fit.

All the pages and micro-interactions in Wegital website are studied to be consistent with its brand and breathe its philosophy.

We optimize each design for the mobile version.

Some components.

Like the product, the design system is modular. Each component is built by the combinations of smaller ones, creating that way different levels that interact with each other.

More from Wegital

Continuing with the idea of modular design that Wegital wants to reflect in its branding, here there are some other examples of page designs.