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Wannalisn branding and app design. Your English app.

Activities tracker.

We put the focus on the activities the user has pending or that are in progress. In second place he can find his favorite lessons and his profile, where he can check his daily progress.

Keeping the user motivated.

The priority is for the user to keep motivated. In order to do that we always show him all the exercises he has left before being able to level up. We also included some other features such as the possibilty of downloading a learning so the user can keep practicing even if he doesn't have a connection.

Monetising the product.

The different look & feel in the premium area of the product makes it easier for the user to understand that he is accessing to a new and exclusive block.

Small journey example within a section.

Some of the components

We created a system of components that allows the product to evolve flexibly while maintaining consistency all the time.

More from Wannalisn

These are some other pages that are part of the product. In them you can see your progress or schedule the time you want to dedicate to your lessons per day.