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Entrebalcones Branding and web design. Help during the Covid-19 quarantine.

Different types of help.

On this screen we show the different services our volunteers can help with so the users can quickly now what type of help fits better with their needs.

Registration form for volunteers.

It was really important to simplify the form as musch as possible to make it easy for the volunteers to start helping people.

I want to help vs I need help.

By using a switch the user can view information adapted to his user profile. It is also a good way to optimize space.

We optimize each design for the mobile version.

Some components.

Illustrations were key in helping communicate the platform values. That, in addition to the rest of the components, allowed us to keep the right visual consitence from one page to another.a

More from Entrebalcones

Here you can see some examples of how the texts and the illustrations coexist, creating a balance that is one of the most significant traits of the product visual style.