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Redesign of the Bizum website, the challenge of adapting the brand to its capacity for growth.

A design adapted for each segment of users

Different shades and designs have been proposed without breaking consistency, depending on the type of user that navigates on the web.

Information architecture and keywords analysis.

The value of making decisions based on the data analysis that we made allowed us to build a solid navigation structure for every user to get reach their goals.

Testing before final design.

We made a navigable prototype of the whole interface only with the structure and right copies (what we call wireframes), so we can test with real users and measure wich task were complited and wich were not, seeking to correct them.

Scalable design thinking forward to the future.

Components and pages were design so they could scale with the business, thus adapting to the new needs and functionalities within the product.

Example of Particular and Business design pages.

Mobile design behaviors.

Example of some components.

Design system has been documented under SEO needs to optimize its use. The implementation in development has the same nomenclature worked from design, speeding up execution times and minimizing friction between design and development.

Other pages and designs.

Some of these secondary pages complement the design and show other features of Bizum.